Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey all! Hard to believe that it is almost the end of March. Where is the time going?

Have been busy with homeschooling, which is going well, so unfortunately not a lot of of stitching going on. I did purchase two things this. Onto. Both from The Prairie Schooler. I got her chart Where There are Bees and the new set of small cards. I love them and can't wait to stitch them up. All though I would have loved not to spend any money this month, I ended up spending $20. Not to bad. We will see what April will bring.

Not much stitching going on the month, but hoping to have more for next month.

For some reason, I can't upload my post with n image, so this time we will have to go without a photo. Pic am stitching a piece fromThe Prairie Schooler. It is called Witch and can be found in last years JCS Halloween Special issue. I am using Zweigart 40ct Newcastle Linen in a color called Parkland. The threads are from Crescent Colours and are Blackbird and Colonial Copper.

I am off to work on supper.

Until next time,
Happy Stitching

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Location:March SFS Report

Friday, February 21, 2014

February SFS Report

Hard to believe it has been a month since my last post. Between homeschooling, colds, and stitching, time sure has flown by.

I am happy to report that I didn't buy anything for the month of February. It was quite a hard feat given that there was market, but I held back. Though my wish list has grown ever longer.

I did do some stitching from stash though.

Above are three small Valentine pieces I stitched up. The Love piece is by Prairie Schooler and from her February Leaflet. I stitched a small section from a larger piece in the leaflet.

The above sideways pretty is the new free chart from The Primitive Hare. I am stitching on a piece of 40ct linen from my stash and using Crescent Colours Old Blue Jeans.

This little piece is from The Prairie Schooler and can be found in her leaflet called Heads Up. Again I am using a piece of scrap fabric from my stash and am stitching it with DMC.

I hope to have the WIPs done by the end of month.

How was your February. Did you buy anything from market? If so, what did you get?

I look forward to seeing what everything is stitching on.

Until next time
Happy Stitching

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stitching From Stash January 2014 Update

Happy Late New Year All! I hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start.

I joined Mel's SFS Challenge for this year. I decided it was time to start stitching what I have in my stash and to buy only what I needed, not what I wanted. So I have a limit of $25 a month to spend and I am going to do my hardest to stick with it, even with Market coming up.

I am proud of myself. I only spent $15.35 this month. Here is what I purchased. 2 skeins if CC threads, a spool of Krenkik and a piece of 35ct. Red linen. All of these items will be used in my stitching in the upcoming weeks.

For stitching from stash this month I stitched this little piece from Lizzie Kate. It was in a issue of a JCS magazine. I can't remember which on right now.

I also started these two little pieces. I don't know why this picture kept turning itself sideways. The one on black fabric is called Fleur de Love by Hosgepodge Cottage and the one on purple fabric is a free chart from Shepherds's Bush. Which can be found on their website. I am hoping to finish these two pieces up before the end of the month.

That's it from me right now. What have you been stitching?

Until Next Time
happy stitching

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Friday, January 3, 2014

First finish of 2014

Have my first finish for 2014.  Here is Walt the Malt stitched up.  I need to go through my button stash and find a few buttons for him.  Once I get the buttons I will need to figure out how to finish him off.  He is stitched on a piece of 40 count fabric from my stash with WDW and GAST.

Now to figure out my next stitch.  Do I stitch a Halloween piece for the Halloween monthly SAL I am taking part in or do I stitch another snowman or another ornament. Decisions, Decisions!!

Until Next Time
Happy Stitchjng

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I can't believe it has been over two months since my last post.  Time sure has flown by.  I guess that is what happens when you decide and start homeschooling your kids.  It is a lot of work and time in my part, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I wish I would have homeschooled from the beginning.

I haven't been doing mich stitching, but decided that was going to change with the New Yeat.  I am learning that I need my time and my hobby, otherwise I am unhappy and you know if mom is unhappy, everyone is unhappy.  I am going to make this the year if stitching from stash.  I joined Mel over at Epic Stitching with her challenge.  We can only spend $25 dollars a month in stash. I know that is going to be hard for me, but this way I will get some of the charts that I bought years stitched, hopefully.

Don't want to be to long winded, so I will share a picture if my new start for January 1st.  Below is the start of Walt the Malt.  It was designed by Cherrywood Studios and can be found in the JCS 2008 Christmas Ornment Magazine.  I am using a scrap of fabric from my stash and changed the colors to what I have on hand.  
Unit Next Time
Happy Stitching

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Surprise

Happy Sunday! I hope everything is enjoying the fall weather. We have been having wonderful weather, though this week it is going to start cooling off. I guess it means it is time to get the kiddos winter clothes out.

I have a share a wonderful Halloween package I received.
This awesome package is from Amy. Amy did a great job. Everything is Halloween and fits me to a T. The zipper pouch will always have a stitching project in it. Who can't use needles? I always need them! Love the Halloween Needleminder and pins. The clear ghost on the left side is a Stitcher's palette. I haven't used one of these before, so I am very excited to use it for the first time.

I have been doing a little stitching, and this is what I have to show for it. This is the freebie challenge chart from Notforgotten Farms. I don't know if I will get it done by the 15th, but I am going to try really hard to.

That's all for now.
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching ��

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trick or Treat

Sorry for such a gap in posting.  Summer was a very busy time filled with fun and prepping myself to homeschool out two kiddos.  It had been fun having them home and schooling them. We have been doing lots if activities outside of the house to and also attend a coop once a week.  So they are getting lots of socialization skills with this.  I won't say that it is always fun and games.  We do have our ups and downs, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I haven't been doing a lot of stitching, but I did take part in Parsley's Tricks and Treats exchange.  This is the wonderful package I received from Nicole.  I received so many goodies.  Fabric for finishing, linen, threads , Halloween magnets, a gorgeous Halloween stitched piece you can see in the second picture and a Halloween chart from The Drawn Thread titled I Love Halloween.  This chart is so me, as it is my favorite time of year.  Thank you so much Nicole, I loved everything.

I did get The Primitive's Hare new Halloween chart. Spooky Halloween Countdown.  It is do much fun stitching up these motifs.  I know I won't have it finished for this year, but I will be ready for next year.  Below are the motifs I have stitched.
I hope everyone is having a great fall so far and hopefully I will be back soon with another stitch update.

Until Next Time
Happy Stitching ��

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