Friday, April 24, 2009

Some Finishes


I finally have some finishes to share. The first one is from last year's JCS Halloween Issue. The designers is Monsterbubbles. I am going to finish it the same way it is finished in the magazine.

The 2nd finish is by Shepherd's Bush. It was a pattern that I got from a weekend retreat a month ago that Shepherd's Bush was teaching at. They said it might be released next year.

The 3rd finish is alsom from last year's JCS Halloween Issue. I can't remember who the designer is right now.

The 4th picture is from the Sampler Girl Companion Book 3 and the book is called Faith

The 5th picture is Easter Blessing from Plum Street Sampler. It was a free chart on her blog.

The 6th picture is Halloween Grins from Shepherd's Bush. It is a free chart from last weekend.

The final finish is a free chart from Mosey N Me website. I can't remember the name of the chart though.

That's it for now. Off to stitch for a little while.

Till next time


Carol R said...

Cute finishes!

Myra said...

Very cute! I stitched the monsterbubbles design recently too. Love that bat!

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