Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Here is my start for Day 3 of the UCJC.  It is Fright from Shepherd's Bush.  It is a kit that included the fabric, threads, button, and chart.  Since I am in a mood to stitch on 40ct fabric, I changed out the fabric to 40ct. Rock Quarry from Silkweavers.  You will see that I love this color.  I am using it for the piece I started on Day 2.

I am making a change to the challenge.  Instead of going off the list I created of 31 projects, I am just going to start which ever project grabs my interest that day.  I have been reorganizing my stash and have found lots I can't wait to stitch, so by creating my list as I go along, I will be more inclined to stay with the challenge. :)

 If you check out my Challenge page, the list will only be up to the day that we are on.  So, by the time we hit the beginning of February, there will be 31 charts listed there.

Off to fondle my stash and find my new start for tomorrow.

Until Next Time
Happy Stitching


pam said...

SB piece is looking lovely on the 40ct.

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