Monday, April 30, 2012

April Wrap Up/May Goals

Hi!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was good.  Saturday our son had a soccer game, and of course, it was cold and windy.  My daughter and I had to go to the car before it was over as it is so cold and she was shivering up a storm.  We then spent the rest of Saturday getting our basement organized and put together.  It is great having a finished basement now and was a great time to purge all the junk we didn't need.

Yesterday, we had a quick trip down to DH's aunt and uncle's house for his cousin's 40th birthday.  All I can say, is we spent alot of time in the car yesterday (3 hours down there, 3 hours home) and I didn't get much done.  

This week brings daughter's birthday on Thursday, her birthday party on Saturday and family visiting on Sunday for her birthday.  I am excited to do this for our daughter, but I will be glad when the week is over with to.

 Here is my April WrapUp:
 1.  Stitch a Christmas Ornament--Stitched up Christmas Joy Free Chart from Pineberry Lane
  2.  Stitch a Halloween Ornament--Stitched Fancy Blackett & the Butter Churn from Pineberry Lane
  3.  Start and stitch 10 hours on Autumn on Marigold Lane from Pineberry Lane--Started, only got about 3.5 hours done on it.
  4.  Stitch Prim Sisters School of Needlework by Pineberry Lane-Started, but decided to start Autumn on Marigold Lane instead.
  5.  Stitch 5 hours on a WIP piece of my choice--None, NaDa

May Goals:
1.  Stitch a Christmas Ornament
2.  Stitch a Halloween Ornament
3.  Finish up Autumn on Marigold Lane
4.  Stitch and finish piece for an exchange
5.  Stitch Shepherd's Bush Sweet Stitches Fob
6.  Stitch Blackbird Designs Rose Sachet

Here is what I have stitched so far on Autumn on Marigold Lane.  I haven't had alot of time to stitch on it, but hopefully starting next Monday, that will change and it will get done.

Thank you for sticking with me for this long.
Welcome to my new followers, I am so happy to have you here.
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching


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