Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Post

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I haven't posted lately.  Things have been crazy here.  

We had DD birthday at the beginning of the month and a party to go with it.  Then a friend of mine suggested we have a garage sale, and since I would love to have a little extra money for the summer I said sure.  So I am trying like mad to get ready for that and then there is the end of school. Why is the end of school such a busy time?  I am sure ready for school to be over, and have been busy planning our summer activities.  I know the kiddos are ready to be done.  They keep asking when the pool is going to open and last night they were excited when I said it open Memorial Day Weekend.  So one more week.  

There hasn't been time for much stitching.  Done a little bit, but not enough to warrant a picture. I did get a bunch of stuff back from my finisher and I will share photos in my next post.

Have to run and get some more stuff done for this garage sale and figure out what is for supper.

Be Back Soon
Until Then
Happy Stitching


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