Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sorry it's been awhile

I am really bad about this blogging thing. I really need to try and blog once a week but I don't know if that will happen. I do have a few pictures to share. These are from exchanges that I was in. They are all really fun to do and I love everything I got.
The first picture is from the Fair & Sqaure blog. That is a great group of people. I have done 2 exchanges there so far and they are going really great.
The second picture is an exchange from Hooked on Exchanging Blog. Another great group of people. I love the little tin. Jen who stitched it for me, also put a little scissors in there which will be great when I travel.
The third picture is from the SanMan Originals Board. It was a Mother's Day towel exchange. Since my partner knew I loved Halloween, she stitched me a Halloween towel. I can't wait until October when I can actually use it.
I am working on Voodoo Boy from Haberdashery Designs right now. I should finish it up today. I will post a picture when it is done. Then I am going to start on my Fair & Square Summer Round piece. I finally found a chart that I like to stitch for this. I also am going to start A Spot of halloween from Midnight Stitching soon to. Really need to get going on my Halloween stitching, as I have a ton to do. I also have to stitch my pieces for the gift tin exchange i am doing.
I have rambled enough for now.


Margaret said...

I have been watching your blog and wondering what has happened to you? Hope all is well.

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