Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Goals

Hey All,

Hard to believe that December is already upon us.  The hosue is decorated for the holidays, now to get the presents wrapped and I should be all set.

I did okay on my November goals, but hop to do better with my December goals.

There were my November Goals:
1. Finish Off The Deep End by Raise the Roof  DIDNT TOUCH YET
2. Finish Shepherd's Bush ornament from this year's JCS ornament issue  ALMOST
3. Stitch Prairie Schooler Free Chart from her website twice  COMPLETED
4. Finish Spooky Halloween Tree from The Trilogy COMPLETED
5. Start & Finish Frank N Boo from Bent Creek  DIDNT EVEN START
6. Stitch another Christmas ornament of my choosing.  COMPLETED
7. Stitch heart on RR  COMPLETED

December Goals:
1.  Finish Prairies Schooler Ornament for Exchange
2.  Stitch Prairie Schooler Ornament for me
3.  Finish Shepherds Bush Ornament
4.  10 hours on Off the Deep End from Raise the Roof
5.  Stitch another Prairie Schooler Ornament for me
6.  Start choosing what I am going to stitch next year.  I would like to stitch 1 small piece a week so i would have 52 finished pieces by the end of the year and could have a cross stitch Christmas tree next year.  Start picking those out.
7.  Stitch one free chart a month from my stash.  I have hundreds of them and would like to get some of them stitched and will choose the 12 I want to stitch next year.

I think I can get these completed.  I will post what I choose to stitch as far as my free charts and my weekly smalls.  I will also stitch on my bigger projects to.  Next year I am going to try and buy only threads and fabrics as I need them and finish up some of the stuff I already have. 

Until Next Time
Happy Stitching


Myriam said...

What a program!

CindyMae said...

WOW, you sure you have time for model stitching for me!! LOL Great goals

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