Monday, March 8, 2010

Finishes, an Exchange and my daughter/PICTURE HEAVY


It's been awhile since I have shared any stitching finishes, so I decided I need to get my butt in gear and do that.  These pieces were so much fun to stitch.  I am hoping to get back into stitching more now that I am finally getting over my sinus infection that I had.  The mediciation the Dr. gave me really is doing its job.  Take a look at my stitches and let me know what you think.

Designer:  The Prairie Schooler
Chart:  Boo To You
Fabric:  Unknown from my stash
Threads:  DMC

Designer:  The Prairie Schooler
Chart:  Boo To You
Fabric:  30ct. Straw from WDW
Threads:  DMC

Designer:  The Sampler Girl
Chart:  Primitive Irish  Cupboard Sampler
Fabric:  Unknown from my stash
Threads:  DMC

Designer:  The Prairie Schooler
Chart: New 2010 Free chart that came out with new releases
Fabric:  Unknown from my stash
Threads:  DMC

Designer:  The Prairie Schooler
Chart:  Free chart from her website
Fabric:  Unknown
Threads:  DMC

Designer:  Blackbird Designs
Chart:  Spooktular Pumpkin from Tis' Halloween Book
Fabric:  32ct. linen
Threads:  WDW, CC
Started:  3/7/2010

F&S Round 17 from Jennifer.  She did a beautiful job and she picked a chart that I had in my freebie pile to stitch, but did it for me.  I am going to use her suggestion and finish it into a biscornu.  Thank you so much Jennifer.  You did an awesome job!

Last, but definatly not least, here is a picture of my daughter Talia.  She will be 4 in less than 2 months.  It is so hard to believe that she will be 4.  Where has the time gone.  I took this of her this morning before we left for preschool.  She love going to school and is sad she only goes 3 days a week.  Thankfully she will be going 4 days a week next year as she loves it so much.  I would love to share a picture of my son, but he is being camera shy.  Don't know why.  I guess that's what a 5 year old does.  I will get one of him soon and post it for all to see.

That is all for now.
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching


Shelleen said...

love your finishes and your daughter is cute!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes.

Your daughter is adorable, and it's great that she loves school.

Shari said...

all of the stitched pieces look great. Glad you are over your sinus infection. No fun!
Your daughter is adorable!!! yes, the time sure goes FAST!!!!!

Mary Ivancicts said...

Love your projects, your daughter is cute!

Jennifer said...

These are lovely April . I hope all is all well .

Brigitte said...

It's good to know that you start to feel better. And that your kids aren't ill any longer.
You have some great stitching on the go. I love those BBD stockings very much and the more I see them the more I want to buy these charts.
Congratulations on some cute finishes.

Carol's Stitching said...

Nice stitching! :) The stitching fever has definitely visited your house. Your little girl is adorable!

Carolyn NC said...

April - wonderful finishes! The pic of your daughter is just adorable!

Quiltsmiles said...

Great finnishes. Love the bat pattern one. What design is it? Not sure what FS stands for and how great that you wanted it and it was stitched for you. Beautiful stitcheries. Jane

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