Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hi All,

Sorry I have missed the pass two days.  We are doing a major reorganization of our basement and that has been taking up alot of my time.  It is alot of hard work, but it will be great when it is all done.

I have been doing a little stitching, but haven't taken a picture to share yet.  I will try and do that tonight and share it tomorrow.

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I will be very soon.  I just have to wrap the presents for my side of the family and then I am done.  We are having Christmas with my family this weekend, so it needs to get done soon.

Please don't forget about my contest.  Let me know how I should finish off Santa from the previous 2 post and if I use your suggestion I will send you a stitchy surprise.

Have to get the kids ready for school.

Until Next Time
Happy Stitching


Cleejoow said...

I would make a pillow out of him first, and create a hat out of felt and attach it to the pillow with blanket stitch...
hope this makes sense :)

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