Friday, February 21, 2014

February SFS Report

Hard to believe it has been a month since my last post. Between homeschooling, colds, and stitching, time sure has flown by.

I am happy to report that I didn't buy anything for the month of February. It was quite a hard feat given that there was market, but I held back. Though my wish list has grown ever longer.

I did do some stitching from stash though.

Above are three small Valentine pieces I stitched up. The Love piece is by Prairie Schooler and from her February Leaflet. I stitched a small section from a larger piece in the leaflet.

The above sideways pretty is the new free chart from The Primitive Hare. I am stitching on a piece of 40ct linen from my stash and using Crescent Colours Old Blue Jeans.

This little piece is from The Prairie Schooler and can be found in her leaflet called Heads Up. Again I am using a piece of scrap fabric from my stash and am stitching it with DMC.

I hope to have the WIPs done by the end of month.

How was your February. Did you buy anything from market? If so, what did you get?

I look forward to seeing what everything is stitching on.

Until next time
Happy Stitching

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Meari said...

I didn't buy anything from Market. Actually, I've never bought anything from it, lol.

I did spend $14, though. Naughty girl that I am.

Congrats on your finishes!

Kay said...

Lovely finishes!

Annette-California said...

Great finishes and love what your stitching. I did order a few new items from market thru a online store and they are from BBD.
love Annette

blue star stitcher said...

I like your color choice for love never fails, very pretty blue.

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